Discouraging your brothers!

Numbers 32:7  And wherefore discourage ye the heart of the children of Israel from going over into the land which the LORD hath given them? 


The tribes of Ruben and Gad were satisfied to stay on this side of Jordan. They did not need to go over Jordan to the promised land. In their opinion what they had found would suit them just fine. They didn’t need to look any further.


Moses spoke to them and asked them two very important questions. Will you sit here while your brothers go to war? Why are you discouraging the hearts of your brothers?


These are some very important questions for them to answer and also for us today. Ruben and Gad decided that they did not need to go over the river to the land God had promised them.


The first question that comes to mind is, Are you satisfied with what you see and unwilling to risk it to get what God has for you just ahead? I fear that many times we get what we want and settle for it when God has so much more for us. That does not mean that what He has given us until now is not good but if He has something that He says is better just over the river then I say, let’s go over the river.


How many of you reading this are satisfied with what is going on in your lives little realizing that God has so much more ready for you if you will just step out of your comfort zone. What you know, what you see are great. You are comfortable, you do not need more but God has more waiting there but you must trust Him, you must step out of your comfort zone.


The next question is are you selfishly taking care of yourself and ignoring the needs of your brethren. Ruben and Gad were happy. They had what they needed. They really would not need to suffer, fight, or risk things to get what they wanted. They had it. So the question is will you be satisfied with what you have and not help others get what they need?


Ruben and Gad decided that they would take care of themselves and then help their brethren win theirs. We have salvation and all the benefits of knowing God and His Word! Will we sit here while others go to war to take the gospel around the world or will we be so selfishly satisfied that we will do nothing to get the gospel to others?


The real question then is this, Why are you discouraging others from getting all that God has for them? When you do not go over the river, do not get involved in the fight then you discourage others. They will do what you do not what you say!


If you live selfishly then so will they! How many people have you discouraged from being all that God had for them by your own satisfaction. How many people have you encouraged to stay in their comfort zone because you never left yours?


Will you determine today to step out of your comfort zone? Will you die to your own selfish desires and serve others? Will you do all in your power to encourage others to live up to their full potential in Christ? Will you quit discouraging your brothers in their service to God?

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