Special Workers

I had the privilege this past Sunday of preaching at the Spanish Ministry at Trinity Hills Baptist Church. Pastor Kenneth Cofer has a heart for reaching souls of all men and women. His church is a giving, going, and loving church.

I was so impressed by what I saw that I wanted to share it with you.

First Ronald and Asunta Tubillas are two of the finest people that I know. Every Sunday he preaches and teaches at Vision and then leaves for Norcross and the Trinity Hills Baptist Church where he preaches 2 more times before returning to Vision for the evening service.  What a blessing to work with men like him.

Then I want to mention another man. I was so proud and impressed at what I saw from Chris Fies. He also works so hard in our Spanish ministry at Vision. He plays the piano, helps with the music and is even learning the language.

He prayed this Sunday afternoon and as I watched him my heart thrilled to see God’s servants so interested in serving God and loving people. He and Kathy are a vital part of our ministry. As a church we are super blessed to have them.

One other person that impressed me so much was John Pearson. He is the hardest working man that I know. He has been the backbone of our church. He has literally carried the financial load of our church when we didn’t meet budget now for almost three years. What a man and what a friend!

He learned Spanish well! He after working probably 80 hours a week goes each Sunday afternoon to Trinity Hills to further improve his Spanish and to be a blessing to that new work.

I have no idea where I would be without such a selfless friend. He has faced many challenges in this financial crisis yet always been upbeat, faithful and faith filled.

I watched him give the offering devotional in Spanish and all I could think was that I was the most blessed pastor in the world.


This post may sound the mad rantings of a crazy pastor but I love these people and am so thankful that I am allowed to pastor them and work with them.

To each of you here are my thanks.

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