Wonderful night!

I really enjoyed our time together last night talking about Heaven! We covered 10 questions! I have received several comments and emails about how you enjoyed it. Thanks for the notes because they always encourage me big time.

Sunday night we will be having the question and answer time. That means you come with your questions, send them in via email to info@visionbaptist.com, call them in or on Sunday you can text them in. I will attempt to answer them.

I have told everyone that I have an answer for any question you might ask-the answer might be-I will find out or it might be I do not know but I will do my best to answer.

The idea behind this night is that I may preach and answer questions that you aren’t asking. You might wish you could sit down and ask me questions and so this is your chance. You ask the questions and I will do my best to answer.

We have several very important and exciting things happening this month! 

This one is important to me more than you but all of our children and grandchildren are in the states. At least two of our children and their children should be with us in church Sunday-that will be a very exciting and important event for Betty and me. Imagine all of our international family together-that will be wild.

On Monday all of us except for one son in law-David- who has to work will be together in a cabin Pigeon Forge for 3 days! Going to be wild and fun! It will be expensive but it is worth it. 

Family is very important and I have failed as a dad over the years at having a vacation with all of them so Betty and I are going to spend big time and have a blast.

Then on January 18th we will have the send off for Chris and Andria Gardner. They are returning to the field on February 4th.

That morning I will be preaching on our theme for this year which is “Standing in the Gap!”

January 28-30 we will be having the Baptist Heritage Conference! You will not want to miss this.

Lots of personal stuff in this post but I wanted you to know why I will be out of pocket next week for several days. We are very excited about all 21 of us being together. 

God bless each of you and thanks for allowing me to pastor such a wonderful church and people.

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