How will they know!

Exodus 33:16 For wherein shall it be known here that I and thy people have found grace in thy sight is it not in that thou goest with us so shall we be separated I and thy people all the people that are upon the face of the earth. 

This is an amazing verse to me! The children of Israel have just sinned against God. They have made a golden calf. God has punished them quite severely. The concern that Moses feels is to know that God is with them as a nation.

He says; “How will people know that we have found grace in your eyes unless you go with us!” “If you go with us that will make us different than anyone else on the planet!”

Wow great thoughts! I want to know that God is with me. I know that it is not by making me a success but in that I live and breathe in His presence. That I have a personal relationship with the God of Heaven-not just salvation, but His hand on me!

If God is with us that does in deed make us different from everyone else. Other nations had gods that they took with them but Israel had a God, the God who went with them. He was and is alive. He had power. No one takes Him with them. He goes because He chooses. 

He doesn’t serve us or our wishes rather we serve Him! 

The question that comes to mind is “Is God with us?” You might be saved but not have His presence and power working effectually in your life!

You are His temple if you are born again! All of Him is there and the potential but so many Christians never live up to all that God has for us! We rather choose our own desires and plans rather than seek Him!

Do you enjoy time with Him? Do you seek to honor and please Him? Are you seeking to obey Him? Have you surrendered your life, your plans, and your future to Him?

Would you rather stay where you are, not go forward, not continue without His blessing and working in your life? That is where Moses was when he made the statement in the verse. He was saying, “God I need you, I can’t go on without you, I have no desire to move unless you are with me!”

The purpose in having God with Him was to have God with Him not some ulterior motive! God, God and only God is to be the motive and the goal of our lives.

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