What will you say to your children?

Exodus 13:14 And it shall be when thy son asketh thee in time to come saying What is this that thou shalt say unto him

This verse occurs just after the nation of Israel has been rescued from the nation of Egypt. God has by miracle brought them out. They have seen God send 10 plagues. They have seen God open and shut the Red Sea. They have seen God do great and mighty things.

Then God through His servant tells them that they will tell these stories to their children. They were to sacrifice the firstborn and redeem the first born. Their children would not understand. They would want to know why and what was going on.

The parents were to be prepared to explain to their children why they were doing what they were doing. This brings several questions to my mind.

Could it be that the reason our children or many young people today are not satisfied with church and Christianity is that parents follow the ritual but have forgotten why and certainly have never explained to their children what is going on.

Why do we worship God? Why do we sing those words? What do they mean? Why do we get so excited about salvation, God, the church, the Bible, preaching, etc.

Maybe a better question would be do we? Do we get excited about those things or do we not even know the answers for ourselves.

Every child is going to ask questions. They should be allowed to ask questions. You need never worry about whether or not God or His Word can stand up to their scrutiny because it can. The question is are you able to answer the questions.

Have you become such a lazy Christian that you have the form of godliness but deny the power? Do you just go through the routine, the ritual but have no real relationship?

Let this today challenge you to get into the Word of God! Let it cause you to get involved in discipleship to learn the lessons and make them yours. Decide today to grow in grace.

You have little ones following you and they want to know WHY! Get ready to answer them. 1Peter 3:15

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