Mark your calendars!

Here is a list of upcoming events that you will want to make sure are on your calendar!

January 18th 6 pm–Chris and Andria Gardner Blessing and Send off Service

January 21st 7:15pm –Chad Gordon preaching youth revival at our church

January 28-30 each evening at 7:15 Baptist History Conference with Bob Dalton

Take a Vow-special series on the family!

February 1st 10:30 am  Vow of Priority 

February 8th 10:30 am Vow of Pursuit 
February 15th 10:30 am Vow of  Partnership 
February 22nd 10:30 am Vow of Purity
On February 22, 2009 at 6 pm we will have a wedding vow renewal service! 
You will not want to miss this at all. Be praying that God will do something great!

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