Too much time on your hands?

Exodus 5:8 : for they be idle; therefore they cry, saying, Let us go and sacrifice to our God.

Moses has spoken to Pharaoh about allowing the people of Israel to go away for a time to worship God. As you know they are captives, slaves, servants to the Pharaoh and spend their days working on his projects.

Pharaoh’s response is one that I have heard many times. I have heard it from church people, parents to young people who wanted to serve God or maybe be in the ministry-if you have so much time for reading the Bible and church stuff then it is because you are lazy.

Get a real job-do something of value! Go outside and play sports! It is amazing how many church going people that say they are Christians diminish the value of worship.

Over the years the battle has often been with parents when their children felt that God might be calling them into the ministry. The parents wanted them to have a real job, get a real income, and not waste their life.

Often they told them to study for a profession and at least put off the ministry until they had a good job. Sounds like Pharaoh to me.

If you have enough time on your hands to think of going away to worship then I need to add more work to you. The free time was no problem until it involved seeking God! The minute you decide to seek the Lord and serve Him then you have too much time, you are getting fanatical, etc.

I think that you probably do have too much or at least enough idle time on your hands. I think that you use your idle time for the wrong things. I think that you use it for mind numbing video games, sports activities that have no eternal value, hobbies that keep you entertained but accomplish nothing.

My challenge for you today is- enjoy these other things but carve out time in your schedule for worship. Make it to every service in your church! Spend time every day in prayer and Bible study. Walk with God. You do not have too much time on your hands.

That is the right priority. Seek Him first. Matthew 6:33

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