Give me souls or I die!

When I read the following verse I think of young wives that are unable to have children. They lie in bed and cry on their husband’s chest. They beg God for a child. They know that it is not in their power to make it happen-they must trust God.

Their heart nearly bursts. Every time they see a baby their heart cries out! They feel frustrated and so do their husbands. They pray, think, meditate, go to doctors, follow instructions to the letter.

They want a baby. That is how Rachel felt. If she couldn’t have a baby she would rather die.

I wonder how we feel about souls being saved?

Genesis 30:1 And when Rachel saw that she bare Jacob no children, Rachel envied her sister; and said unto Jacob, Give me children, or else I die.

What would happen if we developed this attitude about seeing people birthed into the kingdom? What if we could make the above comparison to wanting to see people saved?

As we enter 2009 I ask you to put it on the line. I ask you to hurt to see God bring someone to Him through your ministry. Let’s meditate on it. Let’s pray and seek God. Let’s cry ourselves to sleep at night until we see some spiritual fruit in 2009.

Who are you personally discipling? Who have you witnessed to, brought to church, spent quality time with? What are you doing to get someone to the Saviour?

I say that we all pray-Give me souls or I die!

3 thoughts on “Give me souls or I die!”

  1. Thank you for writing the article. There are thousands of people in the business world telling rooms filled of salesmen that they will achieve the goals they are consumed by. May we all be consumed in 2009 with bringing God glory by introducing sinners to His Son!

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