Fewer younger leaders!

The following quote is taken from an article Churches More Informal, Diverse than a Decade Ago at the ChristianPost.com.

Along with the diversity, however, leaders of congregations are older, on average, than they were in 1998. The median age of the head clergy has increased from 49 in 1998 to 53 in 2006. Furthermore, congregations across the religious spectrum have fewer younger leaders. Today, only 39 percent of congregations are led by someone 50 years old or younger, a drop from 48 percent in 1998.

I guess I am a little older than the new average at 54! But this should scream to us that we must reach and disciple younger people and pray that God calls them into His service. I thank God for the Our Generation Training Center. Here we want to train men and women to be missionaries and to take the gospel across the world.

We also want to see young men come, train, be interns, and then start churches across the United States. Even Georgia is in serious need of new churches that will reach souls, preach the Bible, and send missionaries around the world.

Let this be a clarion call to us to pray and preach that God bring forth younger leaders!

In other findings, the median congregation is the same size today as it was in 1998 (75 regular participants); the median person still attends a congregation that is the same size as it was in 1998 (400 regular participants); the overall level of conflict within congregations has not changed much since 1998, with 26 percent of congregations experiencing a conflict in the last 2 years that led some people to leave and only 2 percent of congregations reporting a conflict over homosexuality; and there has been no increase since 1998 in the extent of congregational involvement in social services, in the percent of congregations receiving public funds in support of their social service work, or in the extent of congregations’ collaborations with government.

Notice that the median size congregation is only 75 people while the median person attends a church of 400. Median is different than average. The average is arrived at by taking the attendance of all, adding them up, then dividing by the number.

The median is arrived at by taking the number of units and then just finding the one in the middle. So of all those that attend church the one in the middle attends a church of 400 meaning that half of the church attenders attend 400 or more, etc.

There is much to do. We must start more churches, reach more people, and train more leaders.

Vision Baptist Church has its work cut out for her!

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  1. Another problem, I have seen, is the older leaders do not want to give up there position nor train for anyone to take there place. I think a position title gets a little too much credit. We are lacking in younger leaders coming up, but some of the problem is some leaders are not willing to train those coming up behind them.

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