Appointed for you

Genesis 24:14 ….let the same be she that thou hast appointed for thy servant Isaac; …

Here is a tremendous thought for all of our single people. Abraham had sent his servant looking for a wife for Isaac. The servant prayed asking God to show him the woman God had appointed for Isaac. The story shows just how God did that in answer to prayer.

As you wait on God’s perfect will for your life I want to challenge you to consider this. God has a man or woman appointed for you. I personally believe with all my heart that God works in the lives of His children to bring about great and wonderful answers to prayer.

Save yourself sexually. Know that as you seek God, His glory, His kingdom that He will add to you all these other things that even lost people look for. You do not have to marry blind. God can and will do a great work in your life.

Trust God to move. Seek every day to honor and glorify God where you are and in the ministry that He has given you. Do not seek a life’s partner rather seek God and the ministry that He has for you now.

In the course of time, through whatever course of events He chooses, as you go about doing His will He will provide.

Betty and I can testify to this truth. I went to college only seeking to serve God. She wasn’t even saved yet and went to the college “quite by accident” if you believe that where she got saved and we met.

I had made a mess of relationships to this point. Chasing girls, seeking friendships, trying to prove myself and so finally I tired of that. I decided to seek God and forget girls.

I never asked Betty to be my girl friend. We were just drawn to each other. She was every thing that I was looking for.

The boys made fun of her because back in the late 60s and early 70s she didn’t know how to have fun. She wanted to cook, sew, clean, and be a wife. She didn’t want to play those games that others played.

When she told me that I said you know that is exactly the kind of girl that I have been looking for. That was just over 36 years ago. She has been the appointed for me.

She is and has been the best that anyone could ever have picked for me. I know that you tire waiting but God’s will is worth the wait.

So go out and seek God, do His will, and wait on Him. If He doesn’t send any one then that means that is what is best. If He does then you will have what is best in that person.

The end goal is worth the wait!

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