Loving our lives?

Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

We can have victory as Christians right now! Here is a three step description of how to defeat Satan and live in victory. We need victory because the devil, Satan, plays with our minds. He does all that he can to get us anxious, fearful, confused, and out of balance. We were told to resist the Devil and he would flee.

Our question is often how do you resist the devil. I think that here you find an answer to that question.

One you must be sure that you are saved and that your sins are under the blood of the Lamb. This is not a question of have you prayed that prayer, been baptized, joined the church, been a good guy; but if you have been convicted of the Holy Spirit of your sins, repented of them, and placed your faith and trust in the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

When you know you are saved by the grace of God and nothing of yourself then you can be confident that the God of Heaven loves you, will protect you, take care of you, and give you victory.

This step is the basis for it all but many have that promise, are certain of it but never enjoy what God has because they will not stand and give the testimony. They allow Satan (should I say we) to play with their mind, maybe God doesn’t love me, maybe He is going to take care of me, etc.

This gives Satan the victory. You resist by knowing what God has done in your life and then stepping out in faith and announcing what the Lord Jesus has done in you. Honestly, being willing to state out loud what God has done in your heart and life will give you more victory than you can imagine.

Satan can not stand when he knows that you know that it is Jesus and not you that will give you victory.

The next step is to not love your life unto death. In other words just trust God even to the point of dying for your faith. How can Satan do anything to you if you will not be afraid. How will he accomplish anything when you say-do what you want to me but I trust Jesus.

So many times I am so worried about my own life and I try to defend myself, take care of myself, and I am unable so Satan can get the victory. But when I just trust Him and announce that and let the chips fall where they may-Satan can’t stand. He will flee.

Don’t love yourself so much that you will not trust the Lord Jesus to take care of you. We have the victory already.

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