Disciplined Bible reading!

Do you know how exciting it is to read the Word of God on a regular basis? I believe with all my heart that we have the very Word of God today. I believe that He still speaks to us through His Word.

If you believe that the question would be do you read the Bible. I like to start my day reading. I read at a set pace every day all year long.

Today I finished my Bible for the third time this year. That took reading about 9 to 10 chapters a day.

This coming year I will be reading it through once. I just wanted to read it through that many times in one year because I never had before.

It is hard to understand many passages of the Bible because you have not read it all. John Pearson once told me that he thought that many of the questions people asked should not be answered until they had read the whole Bible once. He was speaking facetiously but he had a good point.

The hunt and peck method will leave you confused and bored. There is so much in the Bible for you. Can I give you a challenge?

Would you make it a goal in 2009 to read the Bible from cover to cover. We have some children in our church that read it through this year so I know that you can.

You will not understand lots of it but do not worry about that. Just read it. Then when you are with other more mature brothers just ask them some questions.

You will be blessed and you will be thrilled.

Well tomorrow morning-I start back through the Bible again-can’t wait!

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