Happy Birthday Katie


Happy Birthday to our newest family member, Katie. She came into David’s life and was just what he needed and the most wonderful answer to prayer. Katie has filled our home with laughter. She lights up a room when she comes in.

I thrill because as a dad your dream is that someone will love your children as much or more than you do and Katie has been that to David and more.

Katie is a good motivator for David. A good wife will make you want to do more for God than you would have wanted to without her and Katie does just that.

Katie I thank God for the day you and David became one. Betty and I love you very much. I pray for you every day and I think of what a blessing you are. I know that God has big plans for your life and for all the ministry He has planned for you guys.

Katie, have a great birthday and may God richly bless you today. We love you.

December is the birth month of 3 of our 4 in laws so a busy but wonderful month when God richly blessed our family. God is so good and we have been blessed way beyond measure.

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