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This is the first Max Lucado book that I have ever read. My son and many others often tell me how good his books are but I usually read what I might call a heavier book or a book more for the ministry that I have.

I read this book because I am reviewing it for Thomas Nelson. I must admit that I enjoyed the book. It is very short-only about 80 pages. I guess that is more for the regular consumer so, good idea. I read the book in less than an hour. So for those that do not like to read there you have it.

Without a doubt Lucado is a wordsmith and I enjoyed reading the book. The book touched me several times. By that I mean it got deep into my emotions.

When the messenger told Jesus that the one He loved was sick-I was blessed beyond words. You need to read it to understand that but check out the way the request was made to come to rescue Lazarus. I loved the way Lucado showed the greatness of our God and how He reigns over us, the world and the crisis.

I will read another Lucado book now!

My one problem with the book is how it “seems” to almost make it sound that this goodness of God is for everyone right now even though they may not be born again. I give the benefit of the doubt and say that the book was written for Christians and so that should solve that dilemma.

I pray with the author that God will do it again and use His church to bless a hurting world.

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  1. Amen hermano, pense que Lucado no pasaria por su manos jajjaa lei y me gusto “Un amor que debes compartir” lo recomiendo , es bueno.

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