Robert Canfield and I just headed out to walk around the building to stretch ourselves after being in the office for a long time. On the way to the door we greeted Ronald, Asunta, and Shurama in Spanish.

We made the trip around the building and since it was misting rain we came in the back door that was open to empty the baptistry water. As we came down the hall I saw a young lady sitting on the couch and spoke to her in Spanish.

Robert laughed and whispered-she is Indian not Spanish so I asked for forgiveness and greeted her in English.

I came on down the hall and ran into Tracy, a Philippino young lady and I asked her what language she spoke-just joking with her. She does speak more than one, very well.

What a wild feeling to be part of an international church! It is wonderful.

People from all over the world, worshipping and serving God together.

Ain’t it wild!

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