The Truth about You–Book Review!

The subtitle is Your Secret to Success! My greatest fear of a book like this is that coming from a Christian publisher it is or can be very misleading. The book has good business, personal, self improvement points no doubt.

Thomas Nelson publishes it so you might think that it was coming from a Christian perspective but it is not. It is a secular self help book.

That being said the book makes some good points. The video just about gives you the book except for the work that you are asked to do. It is self help at its best- a video to hear the content of the book, print to reinforce the video, questions to answer, a rememo pad to write down your reflections.

I believe the book could help anyone with their personal life. I believe that it makes good points. I believe that it is a good book along the lines of any success book such as How to Win Friends and Influence People.

I even believe that the book could be good reading-it is very short, lots of blank pages, to the point, more of a work book than a book to be read!

I think that I like the video presentation of the book as well as the book. As a Christian book I believe that it falls way short and I fear that there is a great misconception in the Christian world today.

Can you have success if you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Though you get the job you want and enjoy what will you have gained if you lose your soul.

Not against the book just not sure it is worthy Christian publishing?!

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