From Argentina


This is the choir singing with the music director at the Lighthouse Baptist Church (Iglesia Bautista El Faro) in La Plata, Argentina where Jeff Bush serves as the missionary pastor. They are now meeting in their temporary building on their own property.


I had the privilege of preaching on Comfortable Communication! Or developing communication in your marriage. They listened intently for nearly an hour and there were several ladies with tears in their eyes and one constantly wiping the tears away. Several responded to the invitation. It was a blessed service.


This super sweet couple, Hugo and Anna, have been a blessing to Jeff and Mindy since they started the church. They are two of the finest people that I know and I love seeing them. They are a great encouragement. He told me that I look younger every time I visit so we are very good friends.


Here is a picture of me with my traveling buddy, Sam Paxin. He is a super blessing as all who know him can attest. He is the picture taker and general all round encourager. I am very glad that he was able to make this trip with me though I am freezing him to death at night with the fan that I always use to sleep and he used to dead silence in his house-poor guy is having to adjust to a lot.


Thank God for churches that always have a desire and emphasis to get the gospel to the world. I love the Bush family more than I could ever tell you and I thank God for our friendship. They have been good friends to us. They have 3 precious daughters and another baby on the way.

God has allowed them to start two churches here and much more is being planned. They are the kind of missionaries I would like to challenge every church to support.

I will send out more info tomorrow about the trip Lord willing-don’t forget to pray for the funds to fix the window that I mentioned in a previous post and also look around for a phone system.

God bless you guys-I love you very much

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  1. Just wondering how you say “tourist” in the country of Argentina? Can you tell us how, Bro. Austin? Praying for you and your trip. Tell Sam hello, please. I’m also praying for the OGS.

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