Traveling to Argentina

Sam Paxin and I are in the Atlanta airport right now ready to fly to Miami and then on to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We will be with Jeff Bush and his ministry there. I will be preaching, Lord willing, 8 times between now and Sunday evening. This is their fourth anniversary as a church I believe.

The first part of the week will be a Family Conference at the Faith Baptist Church-Wednesday through Friday. Then Saturday we will celebrate the anniversary of the Grace Baptist Church and then on Sunday the Faith Baptist Church. It will be a full and exciting week. I will try to post pictures and info all along the way. I hope you will keep up, pray for me, and fall in love more with the Bush family.

On the last post I asked for help with a phone system and have had one reply so far. I hope others might give us some ideas about how it again.

Don’t forget the Summit!

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