Give us 100 at Vision

As I read this note I thought to myself how much my heart longs for men to be raised up in and through our ministry like this man. Hungry to preach. Hungry to get the gospel to people. He is working in Texas way back when it had to be much harder than it is today but excited and paying the price.

God may be calling you right now. Have you offered Him your life to do whatever it is that He wants you to do!

“MARSHALL, November 29, 1855.

“If you could follow me with your eye, you would see me pretty often on a mule, trudging along through the woods and swamps of Texas, hunting up the scattered sheep of my Lord and Master, collecting them into little folds and encouraging them to efforts in the great cause. At other times you would see me in a little cabin, surrounded by a few deeply interested hearers, preaching Christ to them with much plainness and affection. Again you might behold me in some bush-arbor, to which rude sanctuary many are pressing on foot, on horseback and some few in carriages. In preaching, I tell them at one time of Sinai and all its thunders” at another time I depict the glory and dignity of Christ, and tell of His wonderful compassion and willingness to save. All weep. Two or three brethren come up and get me first by the hand and then around the neck. We weep together, we pray together, we sing together. And then away to the great meetings — the Association! the Convention! Thus,
you perceive, my life is a busy one, full of toil, full of responsibility.”

William H. Stokes

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