Just be thankful!

We are very rich here in the US and no matter how bad things get we are still rich compared to the majority of the world. Just think of where you are and where you could be and give thanks.

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As I prepare for Thanksgiving, one image is burned into my mind. It is what starving Zimbabweans are eating in a nation that used to be southern Africa’s bread basket: “Farmers, villagers and townsfolk alike says that some Zimbabweans are reduced to plucking undigested corn kernels from cow dung, which they wash, pound and then cook. That could be tonight’s supper.”

As the article states where I got these quotes we may have lots but we sure don’t give lots. May God help us at Vision to really understand the condition of the world and to become real godly givers.

In fact, fewer than 5 percent of churchgoers actually tithe 10 percent of their income; the average, according to numbers from Empty Tomb, a Christian research group that puts out annual reports on church giving, is now 3.4 percent, or 21 percent less than what dust-bowler counterparts gave during the worst of the Great Depression. Figures show that churchgoer contributions have been cascading downward since the 1960s. Religious conservatives do give more. Problem is, they only give nominally more and other groups give next to nothing.

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