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All day yesterday I looked forward our churches Thanksgiving Service. We have some wonderful cooks in our church. Also, I love the variety. Every meal at our church looks like an “international dinner” from a missions conference. I am so thankful to be part of such a diverse church.

The main reason I was excited about our service last night was of all the “testimonies of praise” we would hear. It was a great reminder that people coming to church hungry and being fed is not just something that happens one night a year. It happens on a weekly basis.

Many of the testimonies centered around the fact the Word of God had changed and is changing their lives. Here are a few of excerpts from what was said last night.

” This is a church where you do not have to come in with a plastic smile on your face. You can come in and be honest with you problems and get answers from the Bible”
“This summer my family and I were going through a very difficult time. The Pastor’s messages on “Trial by Fire” (from I Peter) was exactly what we needed at that time in our lives.”
“I am so thankful for Uncle Sam inviting me to this church. I did not know how to go to heaven before and since I have been here I have been shown Jesus is the way” (Teenager)
“Last year someone knocked on my door and I knew I had a decision to make. I could go to church and learn about God or stay home do what my family does. I came to church, learned about God, and got saved. Now I am working at inviting my family here so they can get saved also.” (Teenager)
“I am so thankful for people I can share my problems with. My family does not come to church but I am thankful for people I can talk about the struggles I have as a Christian”. (Teenager)
“I am back. I have been away from sometime. I am thankful for a pastor and many others who stayed after me and never gave up. I am also thankful that when I came back I was welcomed with the open arms of all of you.” (teenager who followed the national statistics and left church after graduation)
As you can tell I am partial to the teenager testimonies. Last night was a testimony that some people have been fed from the Word of God. I am thankful to the hunger God has given them and the Word of God that truly satisfies. Being involved in church planting is one of the most exciting adventures anyone can experience. I can say the only thing I find as almost enjoyable as seeing someone accept Christ is seeing a community accept a church.

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