Pray for Pastor Albert Hardin

I haven’t seen him in years but Pastor Hardin and his church were our faithful supporters for many years as we were missionaries in Peru. As you read the article below you will see the horrible situation and know how to pray. My family and I ate lunch on a Sunday afternoon in their home in 1986. They are very good people and she dearly loved the Lord. Please pray. I will update you more on any news that I get.



CHESNEE, S.C. — A woman died in a house fire Monday morning, despite her husband and a neighbor’s attempts to save her. Duwayne Corn from the Spartanburg Coroner’s Office said she died from carbon monoxide poisoning and possibly thermal burns from the fire.

Chesnee Fire Capt. Matthew Scruggs said neighbors called to report that the woman was trapped in her burning home in the 100 block of Rhode Island Circle.

Albert Hardin said the victim was his wife, Jettie Hardin.

Neighbors told WYFF News 4 that Jettie Hardin was cooking when the fire broke, but her husband said he took care of all the cooking, and he wasn’t home when the fire started.
Albert Hardin said he left the house at about 8 a.m. and came home at 10:30 a.m.

“When I drove down here the house was on fire, smoke was coming out the gable in and out of the roof,” he said. “The door was locked. I unlocked it and tried to get in. The smoke was so bad I couldn’t get in.”

He ran to his neighbor’s home for help and he and a neighbor tried to get into the house to rescue the woman. The neighbor said he could hear Jettie Hardin calling for help.

Hardin said the smoke was too intense and they couldn’t get inside.

Hardin’s husband said that they had been married for 53 years. Her son said he thought his mother had turned 78 on her last birthday, but he wasn’t sure because she didn’t like to talk about her age.

Georgia Seay was Jettie Hardin’s friend for 15 years.

“I’m going to miss her,” Seay said. “She was there for me when my mother passed away. It’s kind of hard, knowing she won’t be here no more.”

The Hardins’ son said that his mother had been disabled for the past three years and relied heavily on his father, who is a pastor.

Hardin said, “She said she prayed every night the Lord would take her and I prayed everyday the Lord would able me to take care of her at home as long as she lived and he did. But, sir, the thing that hurt so bad — that she died the way she did. I loved her. We had a good life. We had a good marriage. God’s been good to us.”

“She was a good woman, she had been a good wife and she’d been a blessing. She loved God.”

Albert Hardin was left without his wife and with only the clothes on his back, but his faith is giving him strength and hope.

“One day, by His grace, I’ll see her again and meet her again,” he said.

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