The Our Generation Summit


The World Evangelism Committee of Vision Baptist had a meeting yesterday afternoon planning the Summit. It was a very special time. We prayed and talked over all the things that God is doing in and through all the young people that are serving Him around the world. We worked on the schedule and plans for the Summit. I believe this one is going to be the best Summit we have ever had.

I believe that you are going to be motivated and challenged like never before.

Standing in the Gap–There is so much to be done. Jesus is coming soon! We have the opportunity to spread His glory and His Word now until He comes.

Many are already registering every day. Things are popping. Thank you God for what you are going to do this year.

Come prepared for God to do something radical in your life.

The Summit will be held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It will be January 1-3.
Register now!

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