Packed in a Casket


The next great wave of missions, starting about 1850, was to inland areas, led by Hudson Taylor with his China Inland Mission. Taylor was a thorough-going nativist, offending the missionaries of his era by wearing Chinese clothing and speaking Chinese at home. His mission was one of the few that actually began to persuade Chinese to follow Christ. His books, speaking and examples led to the formation of numerous inland missions, and the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM), which from 1850 to about 1950 sent nearly 10,000 missionaries to inland areas, often at great personal sacrifice. Many early SVM missionaries to areas with endemic tropical diseases left with their belongings packed in a coffin, aware that 80% of them would die within two years.


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  1. One marvels at the strength of God’s call and the resolve of obedient response. Someone declared that missionaries packed their belongings in wooden crates purposely cut to size in anticipation of the need for a coffin. Their sacrifice is a legacy that we can learn from today. Houghton missionaries to Sierra Leone also taught us about missionary methods.

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