Lessons for the preacher from Dr. Richard Fuller


Born at Beaufort, S.C., April 22d, 1804

Converted in Beaufort, SC in 1831

Called to his reward on high on the 20th of October, 1876.

He carried the gospel to men and women regardless of their skin color–In his first church he had about 200 white people and 2400 black people!

He said that they only way a man can preach with power is to believe the word of God with all of his soul and walk with its Author continually!

His might lay where his heart was, in his holy breathings after the Holy Spirit.

To this he added the most painstaking study to ascertain by every form of help what the Scriptures required him to preach.

Superficial men, who are total strangers to the throbbings of soul-agony and the toilsome exertions of soul-thought, flippantly attributed his great power to the absence of half a quire (24 sheets of paper) of paper from his pulpit, and prated about his being an extempore preacher.

Having a message from the Man of Calvary, he wished to deliver it as an accomplished pleader with men, for Jesus’ sake.

Taken from pages 309-312 of A History of the Baptists VOLUME 2 By Thomas Armitage

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