Wonderful Day

I try not to hype the days that we have at Vision but I thank God for all that He is doing. Yesterday was one of those that days that I felt especially blessed.

God gave us a good attendance, one profession of faith in the adult service from the week before, and a tremendous move of His Holy Spirit in the morning service.

Then Lang and Faith organized an activity between several Sunday School classes at their house in the afternoon and it was very well attended and lots of fun. God is working in their lives and it is exciting to see what He is doing.

Then Sunday night we had our first Question and Answer session. You were allowed to ask your questions and then I answered them to the best of my ability. It was a good time and we had great questions. You should be able to listen to it on the site of Vision News in the top left corner.

Lord willing we will answer more questions on the first Sunday night in December just before we have our monthly fellowship time. We had a great time last night with Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Apple Cider plus the desserts.

Now don’t forget to come on Thursday night because you will have the privilege of hearing from Tony Howeth. He is a great preacher and man of God.

I will be in another meeting on Thursday and Friday and we will be back to the questions and answers on the following Thursday.

Mark your calendar now for our Thanksgiving Celebration and Supper on November 25th, which is a Tuesday night. Everyone will bring food and then we will have a testimony service. You will not want to miss that special night.

God bless each of you. I am so grateful to God that I get the chance to preach, teach, and pastor the Vision Baptist Church.

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