Africa Update

by David Lundy

I always count it a privilege to stay in touch with our missionaries in Africa. God is really blessing the ministries and the families. Not only are the ministries growing, but so are the families. A B, Tyler Masters, Kevin Hall have new additions to there families, but now we have Keith Shumaker and his family due on Christmas Day this year. Do we have any more takers? With all this going on, one may concluded, there is something in the water in Africa.

The work in Burkina Faso is really going well. The bible college is well underway with 3 full time students and 3 part time students. The purpose for the college is train up young men to send them out to share the gospel and start churches in areas that will not hear the gospel unless they go. Brother Keith was telling me of a village, where the tribal chief or mayor has asked him to come and start a work, so others can hear about Jesus saving grace. With three churches now and this village several hours away, the bible college running, it is near impossible to start a new work, because we have no one to send. This is the whole reason for the bible college, to train and send. The cost for a full time student is $60.00 per month. This includes training materials, utilities, food and housing. Such a small price for such large rewards. We received a two year sponsor for one of the students this week and the other two have been sponsored for a year. God is so good.

South Africa has been busy. A church group has recently left Kevin Hall and the work going on there. They have been there on a short term trip. They helped Kevin with the ministry, by helping passing out tracts, inviting people to church and whatever else he needed.

Project North Africa has not been idle by no means. Brother Aaron has been in the states preparing lessons and teachings that will be on the TV in North Africa. This is a new endeavor, but one that can have huge rewards. There is so much work that can be done here and if you would like to get involved, please contact the African Evanglesim Committee.

The Africa Evangelsim Committee met this past Sunday afternoon. We are preparing care packages to be sent out to our missionaries for there new additions. These will be sent out in a couple of weeks. Our final discussion covered accountability partners. Often we see our missionaries describing what they got out of there reading on a blog, email, or letter. We thought what a neat opportunity to be an accountability partner to our missionary. Each missionary was divided up and will be contacted. What a great opportunity and blessing it would be to not only become a close friend, but to grow spiritually together through devotions by being an accountability partner. From my personal experience, this is really a blessing. I look forward to seeing my missionary (accountability partner) devotion emailed to me. It helps me grow, plus it shows me what is going on in the heart of the missionary that I am yoked up with. It’s hard to imagine that could get in better than this, but I’m sure there with more growing and blessings to come. If you don’t have an accountability partner, try your missionary.

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