A Day in the Life of a Student at the Our Generation Training Center

I think that many of you have no idea what all the young people at our church do so I thought that I would share with you what one of their days are like.

I guess you know that our church only has three people on staff. Mark Coffey, Trent Cornwell, and I receive a salary from the church. Everyone else works as volunteers which means no money. Philip Bassham for example will put in about 60 hours a week and gets no salary at all. He just lives trusting God to supply his need and has done so for about 3 years now.

The students all have other jobs. They take 16 hours of class minimum each week. The classes begin at 8 am. They then have home work and ministries that they do. Usually somewhere between 3 and 5 pm they then go to work at a job such as delivering pizza.

That means that they usually put in something like 12 to 16 hour days and all because they love the Lord and the ministry. They are training for the day that they can be in the ministry. Some will pastor and others will be missionaries but all want to be in the Lord’s service.

I thought that if you knew this that you would maybe pray especially for them and maybe let them know that you are behind them.

The married students have wives that work and the men study and then have jobs. That really cuts into family time so you can see that they are sacrificing as they prepare themselves for whatever God has in mind for them.

I think that often you might think differently if they were studying for a secular job and be impressed but these men and women have decided to put their own personal lives aside and seek to be used of God.

Also I want you to know that the staff, meaning Mark Coffey and Trent Cornwell along with Philip Bassham, have all sacrificed to be where they are and doing what they are doing. They actually earned more before coming to our church than they do now.

I thank God for these students and for the staff that He has given our church. God bless you guys. Keep up the good work.

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Student at the Our Generation Training Center”

  1. You guys have a great staff and I’m very impressed with the sacrifice, commitment and attitude each of your men posses. May God bless you, you’re staff and ministry!

  2. Hey guys, I thank you for all the work you do…. I have noticed it everytime I step foot in Vision Baptist. I love your commitment and passion for the Lord. I pray God will give us that same type of men in our Training Center…….

  3. I want to thank you as well for your commitment at VBC and the Training Center. It is very evident of your passion for the things of God. It is seen everytime I step foot in Vision Baptist. As for Trent, I don’t know if your getting your monies worth…. I’ll be praying for him… or should I say for you guys at Vision…

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