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This Thursday night we will continue our Question and Answer time. So far it has been me asking you the questions but I want you to know that if you have questions you can write them on a piece of paper, send them in an email, or just tell one of the staff and on Thursday night I will be ready also to answer your questions.

Obviously I do not mean this to be a trip up and trick Austin session but rather a chance for you to ask those questions that you have always wanted to ask. You will be able to do so without embarrassment because you will not have to give your name. Just put your question on a piece of paper and get it to an usher or someone in the sound booth and at the right time I will be answering questions.

Also we will continue on the same vein that we have been and there are a couple of questions still on as homework for this Thursday.

Give 3 passages that show God’s attitude towards sin.

When did Jesus become God–verses?

Others that we will address this week are:

Does God know what I am thinking?

Should a Christian judge?

Where are the 10 commandments found in the Bible?

What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

and more to come!

See you Thursday night at 7:15! Don’t be late!

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