The doctrine of the Carnal Christian

by Paul Washer

And if they live without growth even in the context of a church without growth in
continued carnality, no fear. We blame it on the lack of personal discipleship and we
write it off as the doctrine of the carnal Christian.

The doctrine of the carnal Christian has destroyed more lives and sent more people to

Do Christians struggle with sin? Yes. Can a Christian fall into sin? Absolutely. Can a
Christian live in a continuous state of carnality all the days of his life not bearing fruit
and truly be Christian? Absolutely not or every promise in the Old Testament regarding
the New Testament covenant has failed and everything God said about discipline in
Hebrews is a lie.

A tree is known by its fruit.

1 thought on “The doctrine of the Carnal Christian”

  1. A powerful statement. Makes you wonder how many are in indpenedant baptist churches that think there are saved, but really not.

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