Is embarrassment what we need?

The Bible says the following in Psalm 83:16 as I read this morning.

Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek thy name, O LORD.

I questioned myself about our people and those that do not love God or even know Him in our community. Is God sending embarrassment into our world to cause people to seek Him. For years we have lived in prosperity. All has worked out and even when it didn’t work out one day we could get another job or another loan or just buy and sell a house but now!! Now things aren’t seeming to work out–could it be that God is sending embarrassment just to get you to call out to Him?

I worry about the number of people even in our church that seem to think that they have the world by the tail and yet their passion for the Lord is often so weak. I worry because we seem to think that our education, money, possessions etc make us invulnerable to attack. We can’t trust in riches, or education. We can’t live like we do not need God or He might just make us need Him more.

I am begging you to seek His face. I am begging you to make Him your priority and to learn why He has given you life. Let’s seek Him.

See you in a few minutes in church. Let’s come with our hearts open and desiring to see God work.

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