Troubling Days!

The following article shows clearly that we are living in turbulent times to say the least. I have only left a few quotes from the article that you can read in its entirety by clicking on the link to show you the situation that many believe that we find ourselves in.

As you read the following article excerpts just think of the fear that we hear on the news and in the paper every day. I wonder if all the lay offs, loss of retirement funds, foreclosures, etc could be enough to wake us up and make us realize that we need God.

Market’s latest lurch down raises new uncertainty
By DAVE CARPENTER 10.24.08, 5:21 PM ET


But when panic selling washed over the markets again Friday, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down as much as 6 percent at one point, the pundits and money managers sounded less certain than ever about what comes next.

“There’s a debate right now, is the next major milestone in the Dow 5,000 or 10,000,” said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at Jefferies & Co. “I think compelling arguments can be made on both sides.”

Many financial professionals, Hogan included, think the bad news is largely reflected in current stock prices: a global economic slowdown, a residential real estate recession, the credit market crunch and poor corporate earnings.

It already seemed that way when the Dow Jones industrial average plummeted 27 percent in the first eight trading days of this month to a 5 1/2-year low of 7,882 during the session on Oct. 10.

“It just is something we haven’t seen in our lifetimes, so it’s hard to tell exactly where we are,” said Tom Forester, portfolio manager for the Forester Value Fund in Chicago.

Maybe panic’s the right move.”

Investors’ fear is in evidence not just in the markets but in the faces of those who have lost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in their retirement and other accounts this fall.

Anxiety is running overtime,” according to Dr. Stephan Quentzel, chief of primary care psychiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York.

Julie Murphy Casserly, a certified financial planner and president of JMC Wealth Management in Chicago, sees most of what’s going on in the market this month as fear-based, since stocks are trading for barely what their companies are worth in cash.

“We just have to let people’s fear shake out and let people start to get their footing underneath them,” said Casserly, author of The Emotion Behind Money. “I think we will have a little bit more of this volatile market because people are not there yet.”

As I was reading my Bible today I came across these verses. Notice some very interesting things about this passage of Scripture.

Now for a long season Israel hath been without the true God, and without a teaching priest, and without law. But when they in their trouble did turn unto the LORD God of Israel, and sought him, he was found of them. 2 Chronicles 15:3-4

For a long season Israel had not had real truth preached to them. Do you realize how much our churches in America have turned to a prosperity gospel–a prosperity that is failing right now? Do you realize that most of our churches are based on a feel good gospel more than a true gospel that calls on men and women to repent of their sin and turn to Jesus Christ as their only salvation?

Then notice that the verse says that in their trouble they turned back to God and were found of them. That is my prayer for our people and our community and world right now-that our people in their trouble would quit playing with God and the truth of His word. I hope that in their trouble they will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our church, Vision, preaches the Bible verse by verse. We allow God to work in our hearts. I know that even some of our very own members do not take the Word of God seriously. You have not yet decided to sell out completely to Him and His plan for your life. Well I challenge you to give Him your all right now.

Get under the preaching of the Word of God. Seek His face–He will be found of you.

These are troubling days and we can not escape that reality but we can allow this to be the motive for drawing nigh to God once again and having Him work in our lives.

I want to see our young couples hungry for God without Him having to bring hunger in other ways to force you to come to Him. Turn and serve Him now with all of your heart come what may!

I love you and desire all of God’s blessings on your life.

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