Excited about the Word of God

Tomorrow morning we will look at Hebrews 2:1-4 and how we should quit playing with fire. We have been warned about salvation and hell and we need to get ready. I hope you are not religious and lost.

Tomorrow night we will look at the sacrifices that the Jews made at the altar in the tabernacle.

It is going to be a great night as you see Bible truth come alive. There were 6 sacrifices that they made. We will only be able to look at 3 of them but it promises to be one of the most interesting Bible studies we have had since we started the church.

Be sure to be there and invite your friends.

Today as I drove back from Tennessee where I was visiting my parents and seeing their new place I prayed that God would let us start Bible studies and other preaching points in different places here in Georgia. Pray with me that God would open the door for us to be preaching and teaching His Word in many different parts of our state. I want to see us starting new churches. If you know any where we could begin another preaching teaching point please let me know. You have ideas–share them.

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