Trip Summary

We arrived back at Vision Baptist Church yesterday after having been gone for over a week. We had a wonderful time in Peru. From Victory Baptist Church we took Pastor Derik Lawrence and Chris Waye. Pastor Lawrence preached in each service as the invited Pastor and I also had the privilege of teaching and preaching about 16 times.

Chris Waye believes that God has called him to preach and is actively seeking God’s will and so please be praying for him.

We took Mrs. Emily Forsyth who was honored by the team and by Lighthouse Baptist Church for her part in all that God has done in and through their family. Pastor Paul Forsyth was inducted into the Equipo Pastoral Macedonia Hall of Faith because of his great life and service to God and especially how much he was used to bless the work there. Mrs. Emily was a great pleasure to have along on the trip and I don’t think much hindered or scared her except the driving. I didn’t get a very high mark on my driving from Mrs. Emily.

Then along with Betty and me we had Rhonda Gibby and Sam Paxin from our church. They both seemed to have a blast. I really believe that God worked in their hearts and helped them to fall in love with the Peruvian people and with the work there. I pray that God will continue to work in them to help our church become all that it ought to be and do all that we can to get the gospel to the world.

We were also blessed to have Rhonda’s sister Kelly Ross with us. She was a very special blessing and worked hard to encourage and help all she came in contact with. Interesting is that she has a built in sense of direction and was able to get around by herself without getting lost. That is nearly a first in over 20 years of trips to Peru.

Julio and Joy Soncco, members of Vision, were such a blessing all the time that we were in Peru. Joy worked around the clock cooking and preparing for us. She was a tremendous blessing and I know had to be exhausted before we left. Julio arranged much of the trip for us and did a great job.

It was also a blessing to be with Robert and Sarah Stover. They were there to help and spend time with us most of the time we were in Arequipa.

It was good to see Micah and Katie Smith who are also members of Vision and to have them so kindly help us with so many things.

God blessed in great ways and we thank Him for all that He did.

There were several mishaps but none of the usual lost baggage or such. Rather Miguel Murillo had a car wreck as you can see from the pictures here on the blog and then a rock did damage to our rented van. The problem is that we will need to pay or these damages out of pocket.

Chris has already spent $1,000 on the wreck that Miguel had and is hoping that the insurance will pick up a good majority of the rest. The other van is going to cost less than $500 but we have to get that to. Pray that God will help us raise this money!

Pray for the monthly support for the Bible College and then several of the men that are leaving there to go over seas as missionaries.

I also want to thank Tyler Masters for the blessing he was to all of us before he left Peru to return to the states.

It was a great trip with only a few mishaps though rather large. God blessed and we had a great time. I hope you will make plans to come and go with us the next time.

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