More from the trip

Kevin White and Jorge Montenegro along with two men from their church were with us at the Pastor’s School. God is greatly using them. I am blessed to count them among our friends. Jorge will soon be raising support for the ministry there and we ask you to be in prayer for them.

Also Felipe Choquehuanca will be raising support to go to North Africa. You can help either of these men through a new ministry that our church has at Vision Baptist Missions. Mark Coffey would be really glad to come and tell your church about how you could help these Peruvian men as they serve in Morocco and Bolivia and others in different parts of the world.

God is really working and the opportunities to do more every day are great. Why don’t you contact Mark today at 77-456-5881 to learn more about getting some men to the field to be part of a movement of well trained and experienced men of God.

I also want to thank the Jorge Reinaga family that met us in Lima as we were getting off the plane with a huge bag of Peruvian coffee. They are such a special family and great friends.

Thank you very much. God has been so good to us and blessed us with wonderful friends.

Thanks to all of you and I pray that God will richly bless each of your ministries today.

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