Special prayer request

God has really blessed this week in the Pastor’s School and it has been exciting to see all of workings. But when He blesses often things go wrong and so we will just trust Him that He has this in His plan and is working all out for His honor and glory,

Yesterday afternoon around 4 pm–Miguel Murillo, pastor of the Hunter church and Smyrna, was driving back to the Bible College and pulled in front of a train. He and another pastor were in the car and everyone is ok. The car was totally destroyed.

The car is insured but the insurance man came to the scene of the accident and said that he didn’t think that the insurance was going to pay due to driver negligence. The car is a 2008 Toyota Corolla.

I would like to ask you to pray that God would work in a major way and take care of this so that we are not stuck with a $20,000 bill and a car that is totally trashed.

Thank you for praying. Also while we were out on Saturday sight seeing in Yura a rock rolled off the mountain and crashed into the side of the van. So we will be fixing that to a tune of several hundred dollars. So just pray that all will work out. God bless you and thanks for all your help.

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