“(Pornography) hollows you out,” says one of the men. “Anything that has life is stripped from it when it comes in contact with pornography.”

“The reason why pornography is the most addictive thing in the universe,” says another, “is that it allows a man to feel like a man without requiring him to be one.” source

* 60 percent of Christian men and 35 percent of women admit to struggling with pornography. The real statistics are probably much higher.
* Four out of every seven calls to the “Focus on the Family” help line are pornography-related.
* Thirty-seven (37) percent of pastors admit to the addiction. source

There is help and victory in the Lord Jesus Christ. I challenge you to be faithful to the services of Vision where you will hear truth and God will work in your life through the power of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. I also invite you to take part in our Addictions program that is here to help you on Friday nights at 7 pm. Call the church office at 770-456-5881 for more information.

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