A very wonderful Mission’s Conference

God blessed us tremendously in this mission’s conference that just ended. It was our best ever in our 3 short years. We have however had like 4 conferences and so it was great.

Chris Gardner did a great job preaching the conference. The music was great. Jacob T brought a tremendous message on Sunday morning.

The World Evangelism Committees did a great job with the food, the fellowship, the decorations, etc. It was our best attended mission’s conference. The offerings met the needs.

The Faith Promise came in at about $5,100 a month. We were praying for $6,500 and I pray that some that were not there when we took up the offerings will be giving to help make up the difference. I just believe that God is going to come through and that we are going to see a definite increase over last year even though we have had a couple of families move to other states.

I want to thank each of you for allowing me to pastor this wonderful church. I try to pray for everyone of you each day by name. I love you and thank God for you. I work and pray to see God use our church for Him. I am glad that you enjoyed the conference so much.

Many other great things have been planned and I know that God is going to do marvelous works in our midst in coming days!

2 thoughts on “A very wonderful Mission’s Conference”

  1. Brother Gardner, that was the very best mission’s conference I’ve ever been to! I love how we really got our church involved and burdened about missions. I’ve been to other conferences that really put on a great program, but there was such a distance between the missionaries and the people, that it literally felt like the missionaries were a world away. The World Evangelism Committees helped us get to know our missionaries and their hearts before some of us had ever even met some of them. I also liked just how we had so many activities with our missionaries–we definitely did not lack in opportunities of getting to know them and their ministries. Thank you for having such a heart for missions and for striving to let us see that the call to be a part of missions is a personal one.

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