Wonderful Friday evening meeting!

God tremendously blessed again in our mission’s conference! Tonight we heard from David Gates, missionary to Egypt! Beth, his wife, was not with us. She stayed home resting because the baby was getting ready to be born.

I just called David and they were at the hospital and the contractions were at less than a minute.

David did a great job tonight and had a great video.

We were honored to have Mrs. Michelle Lawrence sing for us tonight. Pastor Derik Lawrence and all of his family with us in the service. The Lawrences serve at the Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, Georgia.

We were also honored to have Pastor Charles Blackstock from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Dawsonville, Georgia with us.

I don’t know of any two finer men of God or better friends and felt truly honored to have them with us tonight.

The different World Evangelism Committees have done a wonderful job with the meals, the decorations, the welcoming and everything.

I am really looking forward to Saturday evening when we will have our large church wide meal and an international dinner. Everything will start at 6 pm and we will get you out plenty early for a Saturday night.

Also today was very special because the missionaries got to purchase a very fine pair of shoes provided by an anonymous donor. Something like $850 was given.

This has been our best mission’s conference. Chris has been doing a great job preaching. Someone told me in the hallway tonight that he was sure doing a great job.

God has really blessed us. I am excited that God is going to give us the $1,500 a week we need to reach our goal for faith promise.

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