Great evening

Tonight was in my opinion the best night we have ever had in a mission’s conference at Vision! God blessed the first night of our mission’s conference. There was a super wonderful spirit in the service. It all started with many of you working on getting the decorations up and looking good.

I really think it started with all of you in the world evangelism committees doing such a great job. The food and service time was so good for the missionaries before the services.

The attendance was great tonight and we had lots of teens–nearly 30 I think. By the way teens, I heard about the challenge Pastor Trent has given you and I told him to up it and make it even better. I hope to see you get that taken care of tomorrow night.

We started off by having Jake and Stephanie speak–she gave a brief word and Jake talked about how he wasn’t able and it wasn’t his power but God’s. It was a good message.

Pastor Ronald then spoke and gave a testimony about how he came to Jesus and it was really good. David Gardner (missionary to Peru) translated.

Then I explained faith promise and Chris translated for me as I preached on faith promise. We were blessed to be all together as a church–the Spanish church was with us and had a great number–they also helped prepare the meal for tonight.

Then Chris preached a good message on the unconcerned and unprepared disciples that couldn’t get the people fed. I really thought we had our best mission’s service ever.

All I can do is thank God.

Don’t miss any of the meetings–there are many more special things planned.

We have David and Beth Gates, missionaries to Egypt, Ron and Renee Link, missionaries to Peru, Mark and Natasha, missionaries to China, Jake and Stephanie, missionaries to China, and the main speaker each night is Chris and Andria Gardner, missionaries to Peru.

This is going to be a wonderful week.

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  1. I agree that tonight really was the best Missions Conference night we’ve ever had.
    I was amazed to see how many people were there. I think that more and more are starting to really see the importance of missions.

    Thank you, bro. Gardner for sharing with us your vision!

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