Where does the money come from?

Here are three possible sources to consider for Faith Promise:

Change your spending priorities
Look at your expenditures and ask, “What am I willing to give up, or sacrifice, so that the Good News can be proclaimed and churches planted?” This reordering of priorities is likely to pinch, but it is fully biblical. The Macedonian Christians gave out of their poverty and beyond their ability.

Be creative
You might make an investment and dedicate all the proceeds to Faith Promise. You might take on a second job for a few hours, a week or month. You might use carpool income. You might make and sell crafts. The point is that if giving for missions becomes a priority, you can think creatively of ways to have more money available for the purpose.

Through serendipity income
Many of us receive income we didn’t really expect throughout the year. It may come in the form of gifts, overtime, an investment that pays off beyond expectations, an inheritance or a tax refund. This extra income could be committed, all or in part, to missions. Instead of using it to buy something for ourselves, we commit to giving it so that we may make Christ known.

Pray about your desire to give more to the support of missions.
Determine what you would like to do for the Lord in the next year in support of
missions, and indicate that intention by filling out a Faith Promise card.
Give not to a particular missionary, but to the work of missionaries, looking to the
missions team to give leadership in your support of missions and church planters.

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