Special prayer request

We just received a prayer request from Evangelist Stinnett Ballew. He writes the following:

On Friday, September 12, 2008, Bro. Sammy Allen had a heart cath. They discovered he had four or five blockages. They were so severe that the doctor said stints would not work. He would have to have open heart surgery.

On Tuesday September 16, 2008 He will see a heart surgeon and as far as we know now, open heart surgery will be scheduled as soon as possible.

Please have those on your prayer team to pray for Bro. Allen and his family. I will try to remember to let you know exactly when the surgery is as soon as it is scheduled.

Your Friend, His Servant

Stinnett Ballew
-A Satisfied Customer of the Lord Jesus Christ-
I Thess 5:24

Brother Sammy is the pastor of the Faith Baptist Church and the Faith Baptist Church in Resaca, Georgia. He is a good man of God and has been greatly used of God. He and the church supported us for 20 years. Please pray for him!

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