Please pray for our missionaries in Bolivia and Venezuela

I want to ask you to be praying for our missionaries in both Bolivia and Venezuela. Kevin and Beth White serve in Bolivia and we have two other families that serve their from Peru that we do not support as of yet. Jorge Montenegro and Lorenzo Laura are good men with families serving in this country.

We also support Julio and Paola Marquina serving in Venezuela. Relations between our country and these two countries are in very bad shape. Though that is a political problem it greatly affects our men and their families. Please make this a matter of prayer.

Here is a recent post from Kevin White.

In the past few days things have taken a turn for the worse here in Bolivia. In the eastern part of the country where the majority of the opposition to the government is at there has been major riots and fighting. In the north where our partners in the ministry the Laura family is they have had major rioting leaving 9 dead. Also here in Cochabamba there is no beef, gasoline or natural gas for cooking. Also we have heard there will only be chicken for a few more weeks. Also relations with the US continue to deteriorate as the president Evo Morales announced that he is expelling the US ambassador to Bolivia because he is supposedly behind the political division in the country. So far things are pretty calm here where we are but there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight. Please pray for our country and especially the Laura family in the city of Cobija. We know that there is always comfort in the fact that our God is in control. Thanks for your prayers.

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