Excited about our mission’s conference.

I just got through preaching a mission’s conference in North Carolina. I was at the North Laurel Baptist Church with Pastor Mike Wakefield. I had a great time with this very good church and pastor. They brought in a slew of missionaries. They are giving about $70,000 a year to world evangelism. God is really using them and I enjoyed myself very much with them.

This only heightened my desire and anticipation for our very own mission’s conference which will start at Vision on Thursday. God is going to do a great work. I am very excited and hope that you will mark your calendar and be with us.

Even for those of you that are not attending meetings during the week you will not want to miss this very special time. It starts Thursday night at 7:15 pm.

I have already heard that someone anonymously gave money to buy some special gifts for our missionaries–shoes I believe. Isn’t that great. We are going to have a great time honoring these men and women of God. Don’t miss this special time.

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