Cows that produce less methane flatus!

A pastor friend in Northern Ireland sent this link out and so I enjoyed reading the article. This is the article that I mentioned yesterday morning in my message on “Get out of the Bunker!” I meant it tongue in cheek but it did literally come from a “very reliable source” and I will give you that source so that you can go check it out for yourself.

BBC News

There are various possibilities for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with farming animals.

They range from scientific approaches, such as genetically engineering strains of cattle that produce less methane flatus, to reducing the amount of transport involved through eating locally reared animals.

“The NFU is committed to ensuring farming is part of the solution to climate change, rather than being part of the problem,” an NFU spokeswoman told BBC News.

“We strongly support research aimed at reducing methane emissions from livestock farming by, for example, changing diets and using anaerobic digestion.”

Methane emissions from UK farms have fallen by 13% since 1990.

Here is the cow again. This is the one that I like!

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