Sunday is National Grandparent’s Day

This Sunday will be National Grandparent’s Day. Now this day wasn’t important to me until a little over 9 years ago when we became grandparents. God has tremendously blessed Betty and me with wonderful grandchildren. This Sunday we will recognize all of our grandparents in the service and I sure hope that you will contact your grandparents to tell them that you love them.

Check out a few pictures of our grand children:

This is granddaddy all alone taking care of a bunch of grandkids.

Our daughter Stephanie and her husband and our grandkids

Our daughter Joy and her husband and our grandkids

The Gardner grandkids, well they all are but these actually have the last name Gardner!

Jacob and granddad enjoying the Braves Ball game

Andrew sitting with granddaddy because he wants candy.

Can you tell that I am a grand parent. Well invite your grandparents and lets have a wonderful day this Sunday.

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