What have you done?

Thomas Watson

It reproves such, (1) As bring no glory to God; who do not answer the end of their creation; whose time is not time lived, but time lost; who are like the wood of the vine (Ezek. 15:2); whose lives are, as St. Bernard speaks ‘either sinfulness or barrenness. A useless burden on the earth.’ God will one day ask such a question as King Ahasuerus did, ‘What honour and dignity hath been done to Mordecai’ (Esther 6:3)? What honour has been done to me? what revenues of glory have you brought into my exchequer? There is no one here present but God has put in some capacity of glorifying him; the health he has given you, the parts, estate, seasons of grace, all are opportunities put into your hand to glorify him; and, be assured, he will call you to account, to know what you have done with the mercies he has entrusted you with, what glory you have brought to him. The parable of the talents, where the men with the five talents and the two talents are brought to a reckoning, evidently shows that God will call you to a strict account, to know how you have traded with your talents, and what glory you have brought to him. Now, how sad will it be with them who hide their talents in a napkin, that bring God no glory at all! ‘Cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness’ (Matt. 25:30). It is not enough for you to say, that you have not dishonoured God, you have not lived in gross sin; but what good have you done? what glory have you brought to God? It is not enough for the servant of the vineyard that he does no hurt in the vineyard, that he does not break the trees, or destroy the hedges; if he does not do service in the vineyard, he loses his pay; so, if you do not good in your place, do not glorify God, you will lose your pay, you will miss of salvation. Oh, think of this, all you that live unserviceably! Christ cursed the barren fig tree.

You will not lose your salvation but you will lose your reward–pay! You will miss out on the very purpose for your life. God help us to use what you have given us for you and for your honor and glory!

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