Happy Birthday to our missionary in China

Just wanted to wish a very Happy Birthday to our missionary in China. He is a much older man today. He is a real servant of God and loves the Lord and people. Jake is all that I can call him since what he is doing violates the law of China but I wanted to tell him that I love him and think of him all the time.

God bless you little brother. I pray that He will continue to pour out His blessings on you and your ministry.

For those of you that are coming to our mission’s conference in a few days you will get so see and spend time with Jake and Steph. Don’t miss it. They are some of the finest.

Get it on your schedule and be with us September 18-21. Those who give to faith promise are supporting fine people just like them all over the world.

Our church should really be giving about $140,000 a year to missions. I was talking to our visiting preacher Tim Fellure and his church gives an average of $1,000 a person that attends on Sunday morning. I pray for that day.

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