So blessed

After my class today I was just thinking of how blessed that I am as the pastor of Vision Baptist Church. I think of all that God has done in our church. I think of the staff both volunteer and paid that we have as a church. Very few churches have ever had so many, so early in the ministry.

I think of the faithful attenders and servers that we have at our church, I think of those that clean behind the scenes, those that stand at the door and greet people with such a friendly smile, those that keep the nursery and lead and direct our children’s ministry, our teen ministry, and all of the different Sunday School Classes.

I think of those that make sure the sound and all the audio visual things work. I think of those that sing and play. I think of all that attend, pray and give.

I was just thinking at lunch and this afternoon how we are blessed beyond measure. Thank you to all of you.

God has greatly blessed our church in our short 30 or so months.

I just praise the God of Heaven for all His blessings!

1 thought on “So blessed”

  1. Amen, my brother…that’s good!

    I rejoice along with you in knowing and hearing of the Hand of God at work in the work there.

    You, this internet ministry, and Vision Baptist Church are a blessing unto me!

    Keep on keepin’ on, my brother!

    Lord bless!

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