Be full of zeal or excitement for His name!

Thomas Watson

We glorify God, by being zealous for his name. ‘Phinehas hath turned my wrath away, while he was zealous for my sake’ (Nu. 25:11). Zeal is a mixed affection, a compound of love and anger; it carries forth our love to God, and our anger against sin in an intense degree. Zeal is impatient of God’s dishonour; a Christian fired with zeal, takes a dishonour done to God worse than an injury done to himself. ‘Thou canst not bear them that are evil’ (Rev. 2:2). Our Saviour Christ thus glorified his Father; he, being baptized with a spirit of zeal, drove the money-changers out of the temple. ‘The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up (John 2:14-17).

1 thought on “Be full of zeal or excitement for His name!”

  1. Thomas Watson huh? Who’s he? I’ve only known of 2 Thomas Watson’s, one was the founder if IBM and the other a distant uncle who was dour old Scotsman who owned a cantankerous Scotch Terrier! I fear both uncle and terrier were frequently full of Scotch!

    Zeal can be a good thing when we are zealous for the LORD but it can be said the Islamic terrorist is just as zealous for his belief.

    Saul of Tarsus was zealous to persecute Christians until his Damascus Road experience. He then became zealous for right. In either event zealots tend to make most people cautious.

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